Tuesday, April 20, 2010

D2ME Ban confirmed

D2ME is not D2MR , the last maphack i posted HERE-D2MR ( simple map revealer ) is still safe to use at this moment.
It's of course relative, no hacks are safe against warden.

So it has been announced, take the risk or just transfer everything on fresh account, my choice was for the second but luckily warden doesn't catch me.

Here the original post that confirm that D2ME Maphack from Firk is banned.



Anonymous said...

D2nt information any1? Will warden hunts after his users?

Anonymous said...

D2NT pickit seem detected and will certainly lead to bans in few days.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on banwave current status? Also warden current status?

Oufzr57 said...

Warden is still running, consider warden On for few more months.

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