Monday, April 11, 2011

D2SM - Diablo II Maphack

Here the maphack i use, i don't need more to play, just a simple and easy maphack, no special options , 100% safe and working.

Small gui to reveal the map. Just wait 2-3 seconds when you reveal the map then you can move and start teleporting etc..


Au.Map 1.5 - maphack

  • Draws lines on Diablo II window which points to warp objects (see next section)
  • Writes serverip
  • Reveals current act when hotkey is pressed
  • Xp Counter
  • Displays playerstats like fcr, ias etc.
  • Chicken
  • Logs ingame messages in a seperate file "Messages", and notifies you if something happens ingame, and your Diablo II isn't active.
  • Opens multiple instances of Diablo
  • Remembers game and pass of the previous game and writes under the "game" and "pass" sections when you're @ "Join Game" screen.
  • Item lvl reader.
  • Ingame counter
  • Copies any item selected in Diablo II to clipboard (press CTRL+C)
  • Traps mouse inside the Diablo II screen.

~ Coded by Shaggi : Thanks to Blizzhackers

Monday, November 15, 2010

[D2NT] Automule

 Step 1 : you have to add NTConfig_AutoMule = true; in your char config
 Step 2 : add this code at the end of NTJoin file =>

function NTSI_PickItemsMule()
   var i, _mode;

   for(i = 0 ; i < 25 ; i++)
      _mode = me.mode;

      if((_mode >= 1 && _mode <= 3) || _mode == 5 || _mode == 6)


   if(i < parseInt(NTConfig_SnagDelay/NTC_DELAY_FRAME))

~Scripts here : DOWNLOAD 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

D2 Ladder reset scheduled @ 28 september 2010

Bashiok has announced the next Diablo II ladder reset to the 28 september 2010. We never saw a reset after a short period like that, only 6 month ! Last reset was at 28 march 2010.

As usual during reset, all ladder chars will be transfered to no-ladder mode.
Characters and items will be the same, you'll keep everything.

Who will be the first 99 that time, a new race will start !

It's only a reset, there is no new patch coming.