Sunday, September 19, 2010

D2 Ladder reset scheduled @ 28 september 2010

Bashiok has announced the next Diablo II ladder reset to the 28 september 2010. We never saw a reset after a short period like that, only 6 month ! Last reset was at 28 march 2010.

As usual during reset, all ladder chars will be transfered to no-ladder mode.
Characters and items will be the same, you'll keep everything.

Who will be the first 99 that time, a new race will start !

It's only a reset, there is no new patch coming.


Anonymous said...

D2NT31_NTBot42 is being block by Blizzard new patch v2.72 ? I can not load the bot to run. Error Message UN Handle Violation

Anonymous said...

Ladder reset update patch v2.72 D2NT31_NTBot42 wont load.

Unhanled Exception: Access_Violation (c000005)

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