Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Diablo Fast Script for D2nt 2.5.3

About fast diablo script :
- Open Seals + Killing diablo takes now only 1:30 to 1:45mn for me (with 75fc) !
- If for any reason a seal is missed, you got a timeout so your char won't be stuck waiting for Diablo to spawn anymore!

How to install :
-Add NTFastDiablo.dbl to your bot scripts folder (..scripts/libs/bots), add to your NTConfig_Paladin_NAME.dbl : NTConfig_Script.push("FastDiablo");


-Remove NTDiablo.dbl (save it if you need) and rename NTFastDiablo.dbl in NTDiablo.dbl, open now NTDiablo.dbl and edit the first line to have : function NT_Diablo()

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