Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Turbotting.net will be closed

"I'll close this forum guys. There is no reason to keep it alive...
TurboT is dead without d2loader and/or AutoTeleport.

I've a lot of job now, large projects for governments, media holdings and a gps system for a customer from Dubai - all is based my own software technology developed in the last year. Now you can see that I'm pretty busy now. In addition my boy will be born on july 21 (approx), so all of my remaining time is gone. I'm doomed :DDD

So if a new loader+autotele comes out then I'll MAYBE come back. Until that I'll close this forum.

Deadline: 2009. 05. 31

Regards: KillerJohn"

Turbotting.blogspot.com and #turbotting on irc.Gamersvault.net won't be closed.

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