Wednesday, June 03, 2009

[Exploit] Barb Drop

What you need:
  • A Barbarian with at least 1 point in all skills of the Masteries tree, Battle Command, Battle Orders, and Shout.
  • Proper stats to equip the buff items.
  • Items to add states: Dream, Dragon, Infinity, Treachery, Rain, Demon Limb, et cetera.

Basic description of the 'sploit:
An entity that exceeds 18 (or 19 - something like that) states causes the server to send a packet (0xAA) to the clients in which the state info is too long with no terminator. This results in a deadlocked client, and the victim must end the Diablo II process before they are disconnected from (there will be a short delay thereafter as well). This can lead to literal EZPKs.

What to do:
  • Get 13 states from Masteries, BO, BC, and Shout.
  • Get 6 more states from buff items.
  • Get within 3-4 screens of your victim(s). (-edit;clarification- You must be off their screen beforehand and *then* get within their proximity.)
  • Watch them sit there for a minute (Optional if possible: PK them) and then they will eventually drop.


Anonymous said...

just made mine a sec ago :D

who me said...

yea this is the most absolute baddest Chara ever to be made the best of the very best bm chara too its practically unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

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