Monday, March 02, 2009

Warning - Code Yellow !

Okaygo posted this on EON forums :


There has been no update in Warden since the 26th Feb. There is a high speculation that Blizzard will be sneaking in a new Warden module to wipe out some botters. You are advised to not bot, but at this time you should be safe. I will do my best to keep you guys informed of the current status.

Blizzard might have upped the stakes with a possible new Warden module designed to detect/counter cGuard. It is advised that you stop using both pieces of software until the team fully investigates this possibility. For the moment we have taken down the download links for both cGuard/D2BS.

We will keep you informed on the situation as it unfolds, but for now please hold off on botting. We have already received individual reports that bannings could be happening.

I highly suggest to sell items vs fg/$ in order to buy new cdkeys!

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