Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Diablo Clone Hunting - Easy Way

*Things to know :
  • You need a good char such as Hammerdin, Smiter (Other classes/Special builds can kill him too).
  • When you create a game, you will be connected to a random IP address of the Battle net servers.
  • If 75-150 SOJS are sold on the same server Diablo Clone will appear(Sometimes you will get D/C or server will crash, it happens).
  • IP's range are different for all realms : USEAST - USWEST - EUROPE - ASIA; be sure you are looking to the right place.
  • DC spawns as the first new Super Unique Monster you come across.

*How to know if you are on the correct ip when you are in game :
  1. Go to the start menu, click on run, and type in "cmd" and then press run
  2. Type in blackbox the following: netstat -n ;or netstat -n | find "4000"
  3. You will get a list of a whole bunch of numbers; each one is a different IP address.
  4. Look for the one that ends in .4000, that's the Diablo one. It will look something like
  5. Look for the IP, it will be the numbers directly to the left of the .4000, so if you get something that looks like, this means you are on server .86 (Don't care about the xx numbers)
  6. Keep creating games and typing in netstat -n until you find a game that is on the IP you want.
If you make more than 3 games a minute, you will get a temporary IP ban, and you won't be able to connect to Battle net for 10 minutes. 20 games max per hour, switching keys and patience are a must!

*Server's list on web :

Europe only - check this website :
USeast/USwest/Europe - check this one :

*Server's list on IRC :

Download a 'mirc client' (google it) or use a web embedded client like

Type this to join server :

Type this in mirc to join channel :
/join #useast-dclone
/join #uswest-dclone
/join #europe-dclone

For more information :

Oº°‘¨Happy hunting!¨‘°ºO

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