Thursday, March 26, 2009

About merc weapon

Merc weapon compared :

If i should sort them :

1st : Eth Thresher
2st : Eth Cryptic Axe(Ca)
3st : Eth Colossus Voulge(Cv)

Eth Giant poleaxe and Eth Giant thresher are used mostly for Breath Of The Dying (BOTD) runeword.
Eth Thresher and Eth Cryptic Axe are nice for Infinity + Insight(142 and 155str only)
Eth Colossus voulge require alot of str, so you need to get 200str on your merc.

If Cv is popular that because when you add sockets to an Eth Colossus Voulge, you will get 4 socks for sure!

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