Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Warden is scanning again...

I was playing, botting as usual, and suddenly when switching to cdkey3 while trying to hunt Diablo clone i saw a common message : "This installation key has been disabled"

But hey, it's making me smile :
-i still have all accounts working
-nobody has my cdkeys currently used for playing/botting (i know i almost never play with my hands.. hihi)
-one key banned, i was using alot more on the same ip and at the same time with strictly the same hacks : Turbot-D2bs-D2launcher

As far as i know Warden is scanning about Cguard ! And you certainly know that Cguard is there for protecting our ass!

Well Sheppy has said that he will upgrade Cguard and this time i think we'll be safe for more time ^^ (i know more informations, but i prefer to keep that for me!)

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