Friday, January 02, 2009

Turbot v8.5 - Global Feature list

Supported Character Classes

* Hammerdin
* Lightning Sorceress
* Fire Sorceress

Supported Bosses

eldritch, shenk, pindleskin, travincal

Supported Pathing Engines

TurboT v8.5 is fully pixel-based.

About Hacks

TurboT v8 don't support D2Loader, RedVex or BlueVex

About GlobalStatServer

TurboT will send a status report to a server called "Global Stat Server" after every 30th game. This includes: operating system name + build number, realm + character name, game success (yes/no) + length, boss success list (boss name + yes/no) + length, stashed item list (quality, name)
TurboT don't send any account/password information.


After you configured TurboT to run properly, you can use the AutoCatalog feature easily. Just fill the profiles\_AutoCatalog.ini with your accounts' information and password, and run AutoCatalog.exe. It'll login with all your (specified) accounts and all characters inside one by one. It'll create a game with them and makes a catalog from the items inside the Stash and Inventory. You can find the generated catalog files in the logs\catalogs folder. It will automatically create two file for each characters. The file in the following form: "account!character.txt" contains the character's equipment in a row format. The "d2jsp.account.character.txt" file contains the same but formatted to d2jsp style.

Windows Vista

It seems that TurboT and all modules are fully compatible with Windows Vista, but you need to turn off the User Account Control (UAC) under Control Panel -> User Accounts.

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