Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to : D2launcher + Turbot v8.5x

A little guide by Haru

I/ What's this program?

- D2launcher is a d2loader replacement, it allow you to load Diablo II with multiple keys, and multiple windows.
You can use D2Launcher w/o TurboT, just create a shortcut.
D2Launcher integrate a new anti-detection system: cGuard (credit to sheppard),
but this doesn't mean you won't be banned in the future .
Use this progam at your OWN risk!!!!!

II/ D2Launcher Donwload

- You need vc++ 2008 runtimes to run d2launcher so click here : Visual C++2008

- Now you can dl d2launcher: Link 1(RS) - Link 2(Official)

III/ Installation (for TurboT)

- Dezip "", into your Diablo II folder (prefer this option).
- Open "D2launcher.ini", and edit the D2 Folder entry.
- Use cGuard if you want.
- Now rename "D2Launcher.exe", in "Diablo II.exe".

IV/ Commandline Parameters for using w/o TurboT

-title "foo" // Set the Diablo II window title to foo.
-mpq foo.mpq // Load foo.mpq
-cachefix // Renames bnache.dat to .dat (Warning: Memory modification!)

V/ Run multiple Diablo II with D2launcher

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